Command(s) Parameter(s) Description
Shows score and status of the gather
Ready up when you are set to play, when all players have ready up the game will start
Use if you are not ready anyway, after using .ready
Shows who is missing on the server
.checkready Shows who still needs to ready up
.teams Shows who is on what team
.whois [name]
[part of name]
Shows who the player is on IRC
.pause Pauses the game in the next freezetime
* Game Admin Only
.setmap [map] Change the map
* Game Admin Only
[number] Change the freezetime incase you are playing 1on1 on aimmap etc.
.setscore [TEAM] [SCORE] Incase the server crashes or the bot miscounts for some reason, use setscore on team [CT/T] score [0-15]
* Game Admin Only
.say [message] Does the same as rcon say, but adds your name infront of the message
* Game Admin Only
Does the same as sv_restartround 1
* Game Admin Only
Loads pregame settings
* Game Admin Only
.tacs Loads tacs settings (60 seconds freezetime)
* Game Admin Only
.start Loads MR15 settings (does the same as when all players have used .ready)
* Game Admin Only